Can't talk now

dont rub it in, i got 100 miles in on Sat. 54 degrees out, nothing a little set of thermal lining and joe rocket gear couldnt handle and i was warm.
You both suck! Windchill tonight will -10F to -25F. I think it may warm up a little this weekend, but there is a lot of salt and sand on the road. Not good break-in weather.
im further down south across the bridge from portland or. Eastern WA in Spokane it might get cold, but in the negatives, havent seen it yet.

the coldest place i ve seen was when i went up to Barrow AK, i damn near froze, i dont know how they live up there.
-30f with a windchill of something like -80 . now thats cold
Yeah, I am all set with that. This is the coldest it will get. We rarely see 0 F. The windchill is the only negative we see. It will get warmer from here though. It usually only lasts a week or two. Then it is around 30F-40F for 2 months
Man it's been 70 degrees nearly all wekkend and I ain't done #### but ride this weekend.  Holla.
Get your roll on...
rub a dub dub, I've been riding for weeks, 69 deg, and only 47 on the way home from work.