Cant' get it up

I just can't seem to wheelie on my 'Busa. I am a big guy(6'3-250lb) does this have any effect on it. Any hints or techniques would be greatly appreciated.


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Gas it, I'm 601 about 230.. There is plenty of power to lift me up in 1st, and if Im not careful 2nd too. Gas it in first get to about 5k on the tac, then let off then nail it and it will come up.


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They now have prescription drugs for that. Some are marketing herbal remedies, but those are questionable on their effectiveness.

Seriously, though, just change the gearing. 16 in front or 42 in the rear. 42 will give you a shorter wheelbase, making wheelies a bit easier.

Play around with this sheet to find the best combo:


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6'2 250 myself, power it up just by rolling on the throttle have no fear or dump the throttle at the 5000 rpms and immediately roll it back on for 1st gear. 2nd gear you will have to gage the power band of the bike start at 50mph, pull the clutch, roll on the throttle then dump the clutch if that does not work decrease speed by 5mph until the bike comes up the height that you are comfortable with. Changing right now to a smaller front sprocket or a larger rear sprocket may make the bike too reactive to wheelies.


ouch dumping the clutch is not good for most parts of the bike I can roll on the throttle in first and speed shift I have been into 3rd but you are really moving not sure how fast but I know I have been faster than 90 in 2nd I have stock gearing and mine will not come up in second almost but not quite enough I think a TRE will give me the extra power I need they say that a Busa has a timing retarder in 1st 2nd 3rd and in a model after 2000 6th to limit top speed
Well I'm getting the same prob. I do the quick run to 5-6k roll off the throttle to compress the front forks and when they go to spring back out gas it hard. I am 6'2" 225# and probably my main problem is living at 6000+' of altitude. Using that technique I'm able to get the bike at max 12" off the ground. I am also a complete newb to riding wheelies so that's my other problem. My friend has ridden my bike and gotten it to stand up fairly high and keep it up shifting into second and bringing it back down around 90mph. He is quite skilled compared to me and 40-50# lighter. I'm sure I'll eventually be able to bring it up with practice. I'm trying to avoid using the cluth at all so that's making it harder but probably keeping a bit of stress off the bike. Good luck on "getting it up." (You can always try a cheap prostitute j/k).


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Silverback don't push it, get used to the bike and it will come to you, one day you will be playin around and you will gas it and the front will come up and you will giggle and do it over and over until you have it mastered... The secret is to be comfortable on the bike... Ride it for awhile and learn the feel of the bike. Don't get caught in the trap that you have to keep up or show off, that will get you in deep.. There are many threads on the board about this very topic.. Look around and learn from others experiences...




Amen to THAT, brotha!

I get a little heat from my buds because I'm conservative with my new Bus. But... this is the first skooter I've climbed back on after about an 8 year hiatus from riding anything.

So I always ride within my abilities, and to improve, I push it... maybe 5% above the level where I'm comfortable. That way, I'm not risking too much in one bite, yet at the same time, gradually getting better. I only got 340 miles on the thing.



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My main problem with wheelies is hot pavement. Now that it is over 100 every day, I tend to spin the rear tire instead of getting air. Especially in first. I assume it is the heat...? It did fine in the winter...
Oh trust me I am quite the patient and conservative type (other than high speed runs on straight open roads-160mph indicated so far).  Of the 4 other guys I ride with, only one can wheelie decently, the others are newbs and I'm in no rush.  I really do think my biggest problem is the 6000+ foot altitude.  My bud took his 600 back home (closer to sea level) and said the power was so much greater.  Kinda glad I'm breaking it in at this altitude.

Here she is at around 6500' (I think) overlooking Colorado Springs, Colorado.
(first pic post attempt) PASSWORD is Silverback Click on SUN SHRINE on left side under albums.
My bike at the Will Rogers Sun Shrine overlooking Colorado Springs, CO
#13 what Captain sez..little by little..practice practice..
you don't wanna loop it over..I live at 5000'..and can get some sweet wheelies..but not everytime..5-6k in first and roll off quickly then gasit....up up and away....
Ps..what is the revlimit at on the Busa..actual rev's..had it there a couple of times now .Starts to cut out...1st and second..second said 91.8 mph on the i have a smaller than stock front sprocket???
I weigh 170 fully dressed...skinny swede..@ 51 :hammerhead:
I am 6 foot 4 260 Pounds and maybe its me but if I roll out into the road at 5 MPH and pin the throttle it starts up smooth all on its own at about 5000 RPMs stock gearing and all and alittle tug in 2nd at about 6500 it will sometimes come up #### I cant even hold mine down in 1st gear have to keep rolling on slow to roll on with my friends are your bikes broke in I noticed alot more power by the 3000 mile mark it loosened up
well lets see here if ya hop over to the bike on one foot spin five times in the same spot and shake a rubber chicken over it, and tuck a feather in the left pocket of your coat it pulls the front tire up every time... hehehehe
OK Ok so Im a smart ass from time to time... I have no real problem getting the Busa to pull the front tire by just rolling the throttle open good and fast, it has plenty of power stock. (I go 260lbs) Could it be if your down on power that who ever did the recall on the cam chain got it off a tooth or so? When they worked on mine I stood right there and watched everything. I know of some peole that have had the work done and suffered a major loss in power. Just a thought...


The cam chain off a tooth is what happened to me. When I bought mine they did the recall before I could take delivery of it. Only after my accident I had it dyno tested to make sure all was good and found out that it was wrong. It only made 120 HP out of the 158 it has now. If in doubt dyno it.

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