Can't believe this even made the news


That kid ,
she sure has got
a lot of guts and is
as sharp as a tac .

Certainly took it to those
bunch of fat smug world
leader representative
pricks in the UN ,
and gave them
all slapping ,
I loved it !


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Well all I know is these younger people going to be around a lot longer than me , I think they got a right to be at least concerned , if not worried about the way the world is heading , both economically and climatically .
How many of you , if you are lucky enough to have grand children , can honestly say how things will be for them in 20-30 years ? I sure as hell can't help envisage anything much about the future to offer any real advice .
Personally , I am not even a father , so have less to worry , but I am a great uncle so I still do think about future family .
You definitely have a very valid point. I have 6 grand kids and see a very different future for them much like my parents saw a very different future for me.


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How many here actually have an idea of the size of their carbon footprint?

With physics, math and empirical data we are able to calculate that with reasonable accuracy.

Mine is negative, meaning I consume more CO2 than I produce. Negative close to around 20 tons per year.

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