Can't believe this even made the news




Should have carried some extra double A's!
Of course it was blamed on the out going shift not charging it fully....uh....sure....

In a chase there are lights, sirens, heavy accelerating, probably a few hills and a cop car is heavier with the push bars, extra lights and silent partner to start with...


Just another person ringing the "doom and gloom" bell. I for one am getting tired of the same old rhetoric related to "climate change" which has been changing for millions of years.

The UN is useless I give you that.
Well all I know is these younger people going to be around a lot longer than me , I think they got a right to be at least concerned , if not worried about the way the world is heading , both economically and climatically .
How many of you , if you are lucky enough to have grand children , can honestly say how things will be for them in 20-30 years ? I sure as hell can't help envisage anything much about the future to offer any real advice .
Personally , I am not even a father , so have less to worry , but I am a great uncle so I still do think about future family .
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