Can't believe they haven't posted.


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One has been a member here for almost a year and has been to Two MNG's..... New ride and no pic's or mention of his new ride. The other brother is new to the site and his Busa..... Come on folks post those pictures. How long does it take to remove decals and reflectors?  

I figure if we taunt them enough surely they will post!
I'm not mentioning any names you both know who you are.... So hurry up and introduce yourselves......


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I've been out'ed....

I introduced myself a while ago but that was with the Gixxer 750...I have a new ride now! I'll post pics this week.
Hey all,
Been a member a little while just sitting in the background reading your threads...

I'm up for your next meeting.... Just let me know when you lot are over in Newcastle England

Cheers mate.... I even think its a US/Canada import, as its the only purple one Ive seen in this country.... And our Busa's dont seem to have the split pin through the rear axle which apparantly u get in Canada

I would have thought they would all be he same everywhere ... maybe not.

So far Ive added

Tinted Indicators
Venom Exhausts
Undertray / Tail Tidy
Briaded Hoses and uprated Pads
Garmin Hardwirded in (for my europe trip .... 3k miles in 10 days... mucho sore arse!)
R&G Crash Bungs

Most of you lucky sods will be riding for a while yet... due tothe shite weather in this country Its about time to start leaving the bike at home on most days


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Winterwolf welcome to the Org, nice pic's of the bike...
Maybe now my brothers can figure out how to do the same.

I know this will mean less time to ride but it'll be worth it in the long run.