Can you say LUCKY?


I've been meaning to tell this, but with the mods, and the subsequent starting issues, I've been a little busy.

Last Tuesday I was heading to work on the busa. It's about 5:00AM, so there's not much traffic on the road. I'm cruising along, and what do I see sitting in the median with all the lights off? Five-O of course.

As soon as I pass him, I see his brake lights go on to start his car. I just went ahead and pulled over before he even got the blue lights going. I saw another cop up the road in a parking lot, so I pull in next to him, shut it down and take off the gear to get to my license and insurance.

He pulls up as soon as I get my wallet out from under the back seat. Of course, the blues are going nice now and the conversation kind of goes like this.

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over.
paistes: I got a good idea.
Officer: I clocked you doing 73.
paistes: What's the speed limit? (all the while I'm thinking I'm glad I got it slowed down that much)
Officer: 45

Now all I can think of is how much my insurance is going to go up and how much this ticket is going to cost. He hands me back the insurance card and goes back to his car with my license. I realize that it will take him a little bit to write out the ticket, so I break out a smoke. I don't even get it lit and he comes back to me and says that I'm having an unbelievably lucky day, and he "lost" his pen. I'm not about to point out that it is in his shirt pocket right next to his badge. He hands me back my license and says slow it down.

Uh, understatement of the day. So, most of the cops around here aren't too bad. I've heard many of the sport bikers say they were pretty cool.

I guess this is a good wake up call, that I can't be blowing through these little Alabama towns in triple digits.
Yes you did get lucky that was cool of the cop not to write you up.
Wow. Sweet break!!!

He clocked you, huh? One night after hammering thru a curvy on ramp and passing pokey van, police parked near the pillars of the bridge came up out of the grass and pulled me over. He was about 20 I would guess and we went thru the routine. As always, I was super super super polite to him [like I would be to anyone carrying a loaded gun]. He came back and said, "unfortunately, cycles have to small a profile to get a lock on so I didn't get a speed but slow it down" and let me go. Is this true at all? Or was he so new he wasn't good with his radar?
He came back and said, "unfortunately, cycles have to small a profile to get a lock on so I didn't get a speed but slow it down"  and let me go.  Is this true at all?  Or was he so new he wasn't good with his radar?
true an' false...."apparantly" . I've heard that the busa is so areodynamic , it's hard to get good readings off the front fairing . I've read in mags that during speed test against "other brands" the Bad Bird was harder to "dial-in".
In the end....I'm glad I chose "Brand X" to them other brands .
BRAND: gee-ess-X the only way to fly .
are you sure he 'lost it' or "lost it"? He may have just let you go and said that. When you are looking for a pen do you ever check your shirt pocket? Isn't that like the first place a person that does alot of writing and moving around look for a pen??!! Lucky indeed....