Can you reuse a master link in a 530 ekk chain?


Whent i installed me extension an my bike. i installed it very tight and then after a ride or 2 the chain got very slack. there is no bike shops down here where i can get a new master link. Can i reuse my master link? Is it safe? what is a easy way to get out the master link? an how csn i press it back on without the use of a special tool?
Is the master link a clip style, or is it a rivet style?

But if it is a clip, yes you could use, but i wouldn't reuse it permanently!

As for the rivet style, no you can not!
Are your friends going to pay for the damages when that reused link gives and your chain slaps loose all over the place?

It ain't worth the five bucks your saving.
Your friends are crazy. A master link is about $8, not worth what it costs if it were to break.

I had a chain come off one time and it cost me between 6 and 800 dollars, and I had some of the parts I needed to fix it already!