Can you remove and install exhaust header.


I'm replacing my exhaust pipe and silencers. Do I need to remove the radiator before the install or is there enough room to get it off? Thanks, Chris
Well... You might not have to remove them totally, but you are going to want to loosen them to move them forward a bit to get more room. It is very tight in there, especially on the left side with the fan in the way.

Something to watch for is the clearance between the new headers and the radiator/oil cooler. In stock form there is plenty of room, but on many aftermarket headers the bends are more gentle making the headers very close (or touching) the radiator. You might have to extend the brackets between the engine and radiators near the center. I had to move mine forward at least an inch to make room for the Two Bros. exhaust.
remember to protect the radiator. Yes you can install the pipes without completely taking off the radiator but as mentioned above you will need move the radiator foward