Can this be filled in?


Dis in my way!
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Did you notice those folks moving furniture out were not wasting any time moving? Fast pace...
someone needs a big ole retaining wall built. that might effect the property value a bit lol. Why do people always think its cool to put their house on the edge of a cliff? its one thing if its of a cliff, but not on a cliff with the ocean below eating away at the hillside.
My mom and sister live on the next Island over. Bainbridge Island. Surprisingly for all the people that live there, all recognize that the biggest thing that will threaten them is a Tsunami. The way that sound is shaped will funnel a Tsunami up and over a lot of these islands. World certainly seems to be getting pissed off at its inhabitants. They have earthquakes and underwater volcanic activity that is always there. I didn't care much for it when I was there and I certainly don't have any plans to live there. But the prices of houses are gonna be a bargain I'm thinking.


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looks like the folks across the street are about to have ocean front property

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