Can someone help identify busa wiring?


I understand that I need to buy a Busa 1300 manual. Right now, I am looking for someone to help me identify what is
connected to the connectors in this picture. There are 18
connectors I need to know so I can buy the parts. See,
I am new and don't know much about Bike engine. I have a project to twin turbo this 1300 Busa engine to my racing car Lotus Super 7. I am gathering all the parts. Please try the best you can to identify whats numbered.
Thanks is the link :

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Let's see, working from memory here...

1 - Thermostat/fan switch, to radiator
2 - Left-hand controls
3 - Right-hand controls
4 - Nose lights connector (headlight/signals)
5 -
6 - Gear position sensor
7 - Air temperature sensor (bottom of airbox) - Maybe 10?
8 -
9 -
10 - See 7 ?
11 -
12 - Camshaft position sensor
13 - Attaches to the back of the tank (forget what it is right now, either tip-over sensor or the thing to the left)
14 -
15 - Fuel pump ?Not 100% sure
16 -
17 -
18 - Air pressure sensor (attached to back of airbox)

I'll have mine open later tomorrow and I can check on the rest and verify these. It looks like spaghetti right now.

For the manual, check here, . It won't help much on the identification as the diagram (see 8-19) is generalized and you'll have to hunt around for pics of the connectors.
Really, Really, Really appreciate this help!
Very much indeed!
If you have a chance find out what's in the No. 9
connectors. Inside that rubber sock there is a pretty
big connectors, lots of pins to be connected there.

Thanks Busaman