Can someone do this for me please?


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I'm looking for a thread, video, or something to show me exactly how to install nitrous. I don't get how the air filter goes on when the spider is in the way or the tubing is in the way. I don't understand if the dry fog is supposed to go on the outside of the filter. I guess I just don't get NO2.

Could someone please just do a full tutorial (Busa specific) or something? Thanks!
Negative. I'm building my 1441 and decided to throw a small shot of NO2 on it.
Are there more necessary parts such solenoids for the no2 and added fuel + a wot switch? I am just trying to learn a few things while I can
Are there more necessary parts such solenoids for the no2 and added fuel + a wot switch? I am just trying to learn a few things while I can

Yes, a very basic kit will consist of a nitrous bottle, supply line, solenoid, nozzle and activation wiring. The system can be added on from there with a WOT switch or activation with the ECU editor.
Someone has to be doing an install on a Busa around here somewhere. Could you please list what parts you putting on and maybe make a vid going through the entire setup?
You can do a search on youtube for the install. sorry I dont have any vids. Since you are new to nitrous I would suggest keeping it small and simple at first and move up from there. PM me
Def starting with a small kit but after everything I've done to this bike on my own, I'd rather do this install myself too. Yes, I know I can't tune it myself but I figure hooking it up isn't rock science. Its just with the videos and pics I've seen, none of them had the filter installed and all these lines running through the airbox..... wth
Ok, so I'm going to have Tombo Racing not only tune the cams, but they are going to be doing the dyno too (as of now). Before that, I'm going to add the NO2 and Water/Methanol kit. I'm figuring the water/meth kit can work from 50% throttle and the NO2 can come up at 85%. Gixx, would it be too much to ask for you to take pics of your system, as much as you can, and post them? I'm sorry for asking, but I'd love to know all I can so I can get it going asap
I can provide you with my stage one spraybar, 2lbs bottle, supply line,solenoid and activation wiring for $500 shipped. If you send me your airbox I will install my spraybar at no charge. Just have to pay for return shipping. Here is my spraybar for the Gen 1 Busa

OK GIXX, but do you have a smaller bottle? I'd like a system I can hide covertly. Maybe a 1 - 1.5? Two one lb'ers?

As for the WM kit, I've been told that going with the .415 cams on a 1441, its a really good idea to have. And then throwing NO2 in the mix? Def going with the WM kit.
The 2lbs bottle can be hidden underneath the hump in the tail section. It is always best to use the biggest bottle that you can but I do have smaller bottles. FYI... my Busa has a 1525cc motor with a 150 shot. No one uses a water/meth injection kit spraying less than a 250 shot. Detonation is handled by tuning, the correct fuel and colder spark plugs. If you still insist on running a W/M system I have a spraybar designed to do just that. One side sprays the nitrous and the other side can inject the meth.

Hell no I don't want to do the meth kit if I don't have too LOL! Thanks for that info!! That helps this project a LOT! And eases my mind!!! Seriously, that really does help!!!!

As for the pump and injectors, if you follow my other thread: you'll see that I'm going with 550cc injectors and a 320lph pump which should be a little overkill for it.

I also did a trunk conversion with the trashcan making it deep enough to put a gallon of milk in but not so deep that my tire will hit it (that took a lot of measuring but I finally got it right). Looks stock too due to the pieces I used to secure it. Most of the people that have seen it didn't know it wasn't stock lol.

Alright, I'm in for the kit you have Gixx but I have to wait until taxes to get it. I've been nickle and diming my bike up till this point and taxes will finish it up for me.

I saw a hump mod where you take the plastic off the bottom and put the bottle inside the hump using straps that mount in the holes that hold the plastic on. Is that like how yours is?