can sombody help me plzzz


hi all i would like to make a surgestion wich really i do need a honest chap online here.(and i figure most of u r)
what im looking for is for somone over america to help me get custom parts sent to from uk and most of the merchindise you guys have over there we cant get over here.
im looking for sommone who i can send the money to,and have them buy the bits for me over there,and send me them back.(im not jking either).
us in the uk dont have any british sites that deal in face gauges,brake disks with hayabusa wrote in them.
is there any1 on this site i can give my name and adress to with my phone number who i can trust to help me with my quest?

i would love to think there is plzzzzzzz

rob t

im pretty honest and would do it for you but the hard part is getting it shipped back to you .ups and parcel service are a pain to deal with custom documents.i guess if your willing to pay mailbox ect or some other service to ship to you i could help.we could try something not really expensive to see how it works ?


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I'd be 'appy to do it for ya too mate . Me Mum was born in England , so I have a soft spot in me 'heart for all you limeys. I was across the pond in '77 (the Queen's silver Jubilee) wiff me Mum and me auntie .  Visiting friends , an' doin' sum site seein' . London, Hastings, here an' there .    Anyways , I'm here in British Columbia, Canada .  I'm not sure how much better yer pound is to our canuck buck, but I'm sure it's a pretty damb good exchange rate . Anywho , buddy has a shop here in town does me parts for cost plus a couple bucks,you could have the same rate .  Whatever ya need mate .   Have a good 1......Andy .  p.s.  Best way to get a hold of me , or my

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