Can be the simplest of things!!


For some reason my bike occasionally took 5-7 seconds to start and sometimes Very ligh hessitation with throttle response. Decided to change to plugs to eliminate that aspect. The first 3 coil boots were good and tight and had to use a little force to release them up. The 4th slipped out with no force at all. 1st 3 plugs looked good and the 4th was slightly moist and smelled of gas. WHOEVER put the plugs in last (or only time probably) DIDN'T PUSH THE COIL BOOT ALL THE WAY OVER THE SPARKPLUG TOP THREADS TO ACTUALLY CONNECT. SOMETIMES IT'S THE SMALLEST THINGS!!!!!
pull that boot and physically inspect the inside of the insulator.. it could be burned if it ran for a long time like that.. (could fail and start "missing" with a bit of humidity etc)