can anyone tell me more about this airbox mod?


Hello all! hope ur holiday was great! So I was scouring CL for Busa parts and came across this airbox/airbox mod(?) and was wondering if anybody knew what it is and if it has any performance pros/cons, gains/losses etc. I am always looking for a lil bit more especially when its affordable and this airbox is 50$ w K&N filter cleaned and oiled. Its title actually states "airbox modded for extra powerrrr + K&N air filter"
. Says it will work in my 06 LE but wanted to check w the pit crew( you guys lol) to see if any gains can be had. My bird is 06 stock except for D&D slip ons as far as things on the motor/exhaust side are concerned. Any help/advice/warnings are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and Happy New Year! Sincerely, mekaz

Mr Brown

Please post pics. I’m lost.

on my air box I cut that shelf out that’s inside the air box that directs the into the filter.
I'll have to go dig out the airbox, but if I recall correctly, the ram air tubes dump directly into the filter, all the air coming in would pass through it, then out into the box.


That’s what it look like inside. The air filter wouldn’t filter much as the air would go around it. When you cut that shelf out the air filter has nothing to seal with to filter the air.


Mr Brown

I'll look in a few, but that looks right. The filter fits close to the inlets, yes air may get around it, but damaging debris is unlikely to. The only thing which represents a threat to the cylinders is rocks or metal, and the chances of any of that getting through the tubes, bounced around the airbox, down the stacks, past the throttle blades, through the valves and into the cylinders is tiny. I had about 10k of street and track use with a race lid, no ill effects.


OK thanks! Sounds like its a deal, but what do you mean when u say if I tune the bike for it? What does that entail? I do not have a power commander if that matters. Thanks all for your time and knowledge! I really do appreciate it. Sincerely, mekaz

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