Can anyone give me $23,599?

I need to buy this watch. It's a Jaeger-LeCoulture "Master Compressor World Chronograph 46" made as a limited edition Valentino Rossi piece. It gives time in all 24 timezones with racetracks given in place of cities. All handmade with pink gold, titanium, and alligator skin. They are only producing 246 so if you could get me the $ ASAP that would be nice. Thankyou in advance!

No need to fight, everyone that can, just send me the money and that way I can buy more than one. I could just throw away one when it gets dirty or scratched or somethin.


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(fsusux @ Sep. 14 2006,13:37) I'll send you a note that you can take to any bank.  They will immediately give you whatever cash you want!  
I wonder what the "note" would say........ This is a stick up !
Just put your busa on ebay for "buy it now" at $3,499 western union only and make sure you specify that bidders contact the seller prior to bidding. You ought to rack up the dough in no time..


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i will send you a check for $44,599 ...

please cash what you need, and send the remainder
in casher's check back to me. and, OH, keep an
additional $1000 for your troubles.
I now realize how big of a family I have on this board. You guys are awesome how you pull together to help a fellow member out when he's in need.
I have some nice watches, but nothing over a couple grand though. I would rather buy this watch than a piece of jewlery. Something about an intricate hand made timepiece that I just get excited about.

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