Can a sprocket change help to beat these little 1000cc bikes?

Hi there guys, I recently bought a 2006 Hayabusa (the Limited edition).
It only had 3000miles on and was 100% stock.
So I immediately had a full Yoshi RS3 system fitted.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

So the past Sunday a couple of friends and I went for a ride.
So I decided to test my new machine out against 2 of my mates with their 1000's.
One is a 2011 Honda CBR 1000rr with full Yoshi & BMC filter and the other
a BMW S1000rr with full Akrapovic, BMC & Quick Shifter.

So we had a couple of runs from 2'nd gear and the outcome was the same everytime....
They start pulling right away till they are about 50-70meters ahead and then the gap stays like that.:banghead::banghead::banghead:
We didn't stay at top speed for long periods of time.

So what I was thinking, I want to drop 1 tooth in the front and then increase my rear by 2 teeth.
Will this change the outcome of our 'future' runs with this sprocket set-up?:please::please:


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In a straight line, starting out like that, they shouldn't have a chance. Get a power commander, air filter, and map. Also check to make sure nothing is wrong with the Busa. That just don't sound right. No one here cept Busa's and 14's could keep up with or beat me on mine......

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Don't know about the Honda, but that '06 is gonna have a hard time hanging with the bimmer. All things equal it would be hard on an '08.


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Both 1000 bikes are modified.. power to weight ratio is the problem here.. gear change will help with Cbr but not sure about BMW.. that bike is quick..
U did not say what you all weight are??
You probably would have had a better chance before you put the full exhaust on your bike. When you do that, you lean out your bike since it now exhales better. You need to do as Duke mentioned and get a PCV /ECU edited and a dyno tune to take full advantage of the exhaust.

The other variable is the pilot. I'll bet you're probably not rolling on the throttle fast enough or even going wide open. Unless you've done the throttle tube mod, you would have to reposition your hand once while rolling on the throttle to get to WOT. If you're not, then you're not at WOT and you will lose. Those liter bikes are about 100lbs lighter so they already have an advantage. The only way to beat them is with rapid, brute-force, explosive power. That takes practice because it is scary fast excelleration and you will have a natural tendency to back off...especially if the front end comes up.
Thanx for the advice so far guys:super:

@ shawnski - I weigh around 278lb, my mate on the CBR 193lb & my mate on the BMW 267lb.

@ SoCal Blur - I'm pretty sure my throttle was turrned all the way open, but I wouldnt mind doing the mod you are mentioning.

So I ordered a BMC filter and also a 16 front sprocket & 42 rear sprocket with a new chain today.
Then I will do a Power Comander next and then some Factory Pro Velocity Stacks??

What do you guys think?

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Wt. plus the HP of the BMW and you are already in the hole. It's not helping that he has a quickshifter either. The cbr should be a problem though once you make the above changes.
Dont underestimate the CBR... those things are FAST!!! It would be hard for an all stock gen 1 to beat a liter bike if the liter bike is in the appropriate gear... Now if they all did a 50 MPH roll-on from say 4th gear, the busa should win due to torque; however, say the Busa starts in 3rd gear and the CBR in it's power curve in 2nd gear and suddenly the Busa doesnt seem so dominate


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Horsepower is almost the same and their bikes weigh at least 100 lbs less than yours. Add your weight, you better get a shot of nitrous or a turbo.


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A Gen 1 unmodified vs. 2 newer liter bikes, modified? Doubt it. A GEN2 would have a hard time with the BMW. A modified GEN2 should be able to take both once you get to about 150 with the right rider.
Everyone seems to be forgetting that, although the Gen 2 has 40 more cc's than the Gen 1, it also weighs over 50lbs more than a Gen 1. Weight eats up HP.

A properly tuned/geared Gen 1 with a full exhaust, PCV and/or edited ECU should be able to match the BMW or CBR. At that point it becomes rider skill (and rider weight) that will make the difference, IMO.

I go on a lot of group rides with various "modern" sports bikes. Personally, in my experience (so far), I have yet to have anything pass or pull away from me when doing a 2nd gear roll on. I'm sure it will happen one day, though :laugh:


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You can go as fast as you can afford to go. Just takes $$$$!

The gen I has past it's time of being at the top of the throne and takes a second seat to most if not all the hot liter bikes. And that's okay. Technology advances and the busa must change with technological advancements or get left behind in the dust. Let's just hope Suzuki can keep up!
You can go as fast as you can afford to go. Just takes $$$$!

The gen I has past it's time of being at the top of the throne and takes a second seat to most if not all the hot liter bikes.
agreed. until u strap on a Turbo....:firing:then it becomes timeless power.

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