Camshaft replacement


Hey guys love the new way you have things setup but I replied to a post about replaceing my exhaust cam with a stock int cam and cant find it does anyone know anything about this I want to retain the power curve or as close as I can I love the pull it has down low but I think I read this will retain most of the stock power curve and give you 10 HP that would be great
Hey Narc where did you hear about the cam replacement I would like to get some advice see some graphs etc unfortunatly up here in Maine they are great guys but dont get to see alot of the new technology right away its hard to keep up in any field that way have you seen anything online know someone that has done it etc Please help me out LOL thanx
Sabin Performance does that mod quite often and it has been posted on the boards as well (works for 1000s, too). I don't have any dyno sheets on hand, but I will try to remember where I have seen some.

Basically, you are just changing the degree of the cams. If I remember correctly, stock is 105 IN, 103 EX (or maybe 102...), so this lets more air flow through the exhaust at 105 EX. This effects torque, though, I just forget exactly how.

If I have some time, I will try to dig some more definite info. I don't like trying things just based on board suggestions. The cam is $130 or more, plus at least another $200 for a full Dyno tune, so if you don't like the results, you're out a few bills along with time (takes about one to two hours to change the cams and check the clearances...assuming you don't have to order new tappets to make adjustments).
Cool any help you can offer would be great and if you know someone that has done it or where is Sabin performance I can give them a call ...
Sabin is here in Dallas, a bit of a stretch. You're in Maine, right? That's about 7-800 miles from Ohio where Motorhead is located. Those are the only two I can recommend, though.

Check here for more info and if you want to contact Dennis at TMH. Well worth the drive if you can make it: