cams for turbo

hawkwind racing

hey guys
what cams are available for the bus for turbo applications will be using JE 8.5:1 forged turbo pistons only know 0f yoshi
? anyone
nothing bigger

ps. you still will be using a spacer plate with those pistons stock is fine unless you are going above 18# of boost
When you talk to John @ JE find out the dome height of the pistons. I have used 9.5:1 JE drop in's without a plate.

If you are looking for every last drop of performance, the Yoshimura or small Web cams might be the answer, again, John should have the answer with his LSR turbo Busa experience at B'Ville .

I have done the stock cams, two intakes, degree'ed not degree'ed etc. There are small changes in perfromance, but the turbo really does not appear to care. The question is weather it is worth $5-$600 for the cams, if the competeion is tough, drop the dough.