Camera guys...

Since my camera took a spill today i need a new one... i'm looking for a dslr (at least 10mp) body and lens that i can upgrade, looked on ebay any other good websites to check out?

Find your price range first. $500 $700 $1000+?

I got a Sony A350 14mp at beginning of season. Interesting feature as technology marches on is it has a tilt screen in back. Plus live view, both those features are relatively new to DSLRs. Thinking of buying my next lens already.

Takes good photos of the Pashnit Busa :laugh:


I'm partial to Canon. But that said, Canon or Nikon, you can't go wrong. If you're a Costco member, or know someone who is, they have killer deals on Canon and Nikon DSLRs...
want to start off small 500$ with high pixels and the option to buy better lenses...

Fi-hundred bucks,don't buy much body. :moon:

Especially in the upgradeable lens department.

Spend a thousand bucks,buy some wanna be photographers old kit as he has upgraded. Yer lookin for 10 mega pix outa some 500 or less interchageable set-up.Good luck. Buy a quality body,stock lens,work yer way up frm there.Something solid,heavy,something that will last.

What will the main purpose of your pictures be used for? Web posting, 8x10 prints, 12x36 prints? Unless your going to make prints larger than 16x20, or shooting stock footage, you won't need anything more than 8MP and a good lens.
Do you really need a slr? What type of photography are you gonna be involved with? I know of a superb motocycle photographer who uses fixed lense digital cameras. Faster set up and you can also shoot while riding, although I won't recomend such practice.
Unless you buy fast lenses, your slow slr lenses will not make much night or dark interior shots without using the built in flash. And those flash shots looks awesome with some higher end fixed lense cameras.
Just my ignorant .02.
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I am about to purchase my first DSLR probally within the next two weeks. I have feel in love with the Sony A700. From all the research that i have done, your max price point may need to increase. A lense for one of these cameras is more than that. But, anyhow good luck on whatever you may choose.

p.s. You may wanna check out the sony line of DSLR if you do not have money invested into lenses already.
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seriously have none of you realized that its not the camera that makes the photo but the person behind it.(Your Camera Doesn't Matter) I dont mean to be slanderous but really its just a machine that takes pictures. But with that in mind and the price that he has stated. I would hit up the Nikon D40 its cheap, small and has the ability to take great photos. for gear reviews I would hit up He is an independent photographer who reviews all the new gear with out bias. If you aren't stuck on having a DSLR I would check out the canon G9 or newer model G10. It has all the functionality of a SLR but all the portability of a point and shoot. It even does stop motion photography which is pretty cool. Those canons even have hotshoes for external strobes. ( flashes ) anyway there in lies my rant.
oh and for the record: Fixed lenses refer to the focal length.
Rubbersidedown, Something that will last will never be digital.

personally I shoot with a Nikon D70s, a 6mp camera that has been outdated for a few years. I like it. I wouldn't mind newer gear but it has never hampered me from getting a good photo. know the limitations of your camera and how to manage those limitations and know what is good composition, You will never be disappointed then.

No body was asking HOW to take good pictures. The OP was asking about what kind of camera. And, obviously, a lowest quality camera can only take marginally good pictures even with the best photographer. A good camera can take incredible pictures with a great photographer (or a very lucky one).
Obviously you did not click on the link sir. for if you would have you would have seen that the difference between a $150 dollar camera and a $5,000 dollar camera can be negligible. but enough of me trying to start a interweb fight. I only want Evil_keeps_me_young to make an informed choice.
My old Nikon D100 (6.1MegaPixel) still does it for me but I looking to upgrade...

Go Nikon or go home. :moon: :whistle: