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Well today is my birthday, and I would rather give then receive most days so my new birthday tradition as inspired by rubb and his jacket give away is to simply find something I cant or don't use anymore that's worth passing on and let someone else get as much use as they can out of it. This year I chose my older DSLR camera. Its nothing super spectacular and it wont do handstands like my new cannon will but its still a great entry level model and takes amazing shots once you get the hang of it. its a sony A200 DSLR, comes with a couple lenses and a memory card. some filters and 2 batteries and a charger. shipping of course is not included

in an effort to keep this bike related and keep the moderators happy lets say post your worst bike pictures and a reason you want or need a DSLR. inspiring photographers and hobbyists that want something better then a cell phone. doesn't need to be an essay just a quick blurb and I'm happy photo.jpg

I need to post this twice.. Less than 40 posts and you're already giving away stuff on the org! :bowdown:

We've got a keeper!!
Since I got the great jacket from Rubb (soon to arrive any day) I will let some other deserving soul go after this one. :thumbsup:
I never ride without my cannon unless I'm going to work just cause you never know. I have had some good friends that helped me out and got me started on some of my current hobbies, I just hope to do the same for the people here, and there seems to be a pretty good community here so lets see what happens.
firstly Happy B-DAY! mine soon follows yours on the 23rd!

i don't often post for wanting things but on this one i will add in.

The Last camera i owned was an old school Polaroid, (i used to shake the **** out of those pictures) when i was about 10. since them i have never had the monetary option to upgrade cameras to anything else besides my phone. with graduating school in December with my paramedic i can finally foresee some open time for longer trips again where a nice camera would take by far, more amazing pictures to hold memories than my nexus 4. hell even in the past week, i went to the Indy motogp where the phone was just not able to take the pictures i was looking to grasp due to resolution and shutter speed and exposure. this camera would be of great sentimental value and use to me when i go and visit my girlfriend in September who for the last 5 months has lived away from me in Dallas.
although i don't have any "horrible pictures" as i always describe those as finger pictures or pocket pictures and delete them. i have attached some pictures where a phone camera was not physically able to do the scene justice.

please take this as a consideration for entry.


2011-07-16 22.10.13.jpg

2011-09-20 16.24.09.jpg



resize 1.jpg

resize 2.jpg

rezise 3).jpg

resize 123.jpg
i fly RC airplanes and could use a great way to keep them alive before they meet their demise! i also do alot of bikes for people and also need great pics of my work. ive never won anything so figured id try ! lol

a winner will be chosen soon, I wanna give this post some more time to let people see it, so far phil823 I like yours, I hated only having a cell phone camera
My first camera was the beloved Kodak Instamatic with rotating flashcube. I tied it onto the back of my bike when we went to the "jumps" to take pictures, poor thing was smashed to bits, obviously not "jump tested"... My Cannon AE1 does not do digital, but my little powershot Elph 300 S gives me some great pics, I cannot imagine what I could do with the subject DSLR to step up my game, but I could also teach my grandaughter some things with it. She is developing as a shutterbug. See attached weekend spider photo, and good & bad bike pix I will not likely spend the money for DSLR due to the fondness I have fot the 'camera @ hand" hence the small pocket camera.

camera 3549.jpg

camera 001.jpg

camera 926.jpg
Happy Birthday!!!

This has got to be my worst bike pic. The day she went down in Daytona.

reason to wanting a cam: that's nice set up and I love taking pics.

I'm already set up with a Canon DSLR, but just wanted to say this is very cool of you to do. And Happy Birthday!!! :beerchug:
Happy Birthday. you have a very cool Birthday tradition.

i have been looking for a camera to borrow for my 4 corners ride to raise money for the drowning support network, as i can not afford one.
i have never had a nice camera to use while touring, and i would really appreciate one if i were to ever own one.
i am not a person that has a bunch of nice things. for the most part i am a stay at home Dad, what little money i make goes back into my family.
my bike is stock, save for a few sponsored farkles, and a windscreen and spedo healer my wife bought me.

i would like to think that i am a good person and a nice guy, and i would be delighted if you were to choose me as the recipent of your awesome looking camera.

Sincerly Russ Red1100cc Reddick

P.s. i wasn't sure if you mean't worst looking photo of your nice looking bike, or my worst looking bike. so i posted both.


i would like to add that if i am chosen as the winner, i would gladly pay for shipping to red1100cc for him to have use of this wonderful camera for his trip, and would gladly pay shipping to receive it when he finishes his trip.

also red1100 i would like to add that if you are riding through central IL and would like a place to stay for the night or need anything to please feel free to contact me. pm for my cell. you can feel free to ship or send things this way that you might need in advance.
I work for the airline (ground service) and my wife (elementary teacher) and I want a better camera so bad we can taste it! Here are some pics I took of my bike with my phone and POS camera. Bike always looks orange, first pic is my sons First ride with me, and can never get a pic of my bike with the lights on. Also loaded one that I just took from the painted desert on our trip to Arizona. I put the phone up to my binoculars to try to get a pic . Fingers crossed!

mikes first ride.jpg





So far the posted pics don't suck bad enough. You guys gotta try harder.

(I already have pro canon gear) those L lenses don't suck.