cam change????


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Anyone have any cam change recomendations on an otherwise stock motor for best performance?
or am I wasting money.

Another option is the intake cam on the exh side......what do you think of this......I think you stand to gain up to 8 hp with this mod.

Any feedback??
The Yosh dropins will retain the bottom end, PLUS add to the mid and topend.

You gonna use this with the BDE/Hindle?

I use the Megacycle .385s, but I'm ok with loosing a little lowend, to gain a little topend.

It's hard to "feel" the difference, but roll with a Buddy in 6th gear only and do a couple of befores and afters. You'll SEE the difference!
VERY good combo!
Small box mod, PCII, BDE/Hindle GenIII and Yosh cams.
Should go 173-177HP, 105 torque.

My Buddy ZXALAN has the Big Bird with that stuff and makes 175 on a 16,000 mile motor. He has run a 9.39 @ 151

You'll like it!
I'm using Yoshi cams in my setup too! They are suppose to be the most reliable ones because they aren't grinded or any of that other stuff that gets done to cams. They don't hurt stock components like excessive wear. So a good choice in my opinion.
Also if you get into those bigger lift cams you will need to change springs, valve retainers, and possibly valve guides if you go too high. Thats stuff starts to decrease reliablity. So that is another reason I chose to stick with Yoshi cams.