Calling Sketch Stickers!!!


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can you make these?
the suzuki dunlop galfer rk denso a yoshimira etc?



Yoshi Pics.jpg
lol...want racing stickers lol..though she is a sweat heart
I believe you are looking for Skeche? I work with him ill tell him to check it out. I'm sure he would definitely do the third ome lol.
What stickers, All I'm seeing is a sexy blonde.....:wow::wow:
Yea I can do those....PM me on the sizes and colors.
Somethin' tells me that isn't the first "train" she's in pictures of.. :hide:
hmmm lol apparently i need to put a little more thought into my postings......or not :)
Let me expand this thread to say if anyone has any motorcycle related race sticker i would be interested:) pm me pic and cost or email to me the same info