Calling busa experts

Got some questions on a familiar subject, I've got a bone stock 2001 Busa w/ 550 miles (still in break in period) have had zero problems so far. I ordered some Jardine racing slipons just for a better sound, plus they were a good deal (I think) off eBay. Questions: is it necessary to remap the feul injection (i.e. install a power commander)? Will it do any damage to run the slipons without doing anything else? My only objective (right now) is a better sound. Also, should I wait until I've got more miles (break in) before putting them on? I haven't even had the first service or oil change yet. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Slip ons do not need to be run with a PC II. You will be fine. No damage to the cans either. you may want to open up your air by using a BMC air filter.

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