Calling all kc, wichita, topeka, etc riders


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Anyone in the KC, Wichita, Topeka, and surrounding areas - let's see if we can meet up for the Cassoday Bike Rally! Sunday, Aug 6th.

Here's a link to some information on it.

Cassoday is between Emporia and Wichita off I-35. Google Map of Cassoday.

I know GSXcite, KanjiBusa, and I are planning on going.

Who else? Post up here and we'll see if we can all meet up!

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Ill just post saying I am going so I can have a post point
I am definately going


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Well just starting new dept this week so not sure if I be redline next weekend or not. But still probably get up there before work be nice bday right anyway. Have any idea what time you guys going to get there or if you going to try a ride afterwards or not?
If Ks-waterbug is going then I might brave the heat and try and go as well.

Yort, you sound as if you work at the Cessna Service Center, Always hated to hear someone get redlined for the weekend, it sucks.

Ks call me this week and we can make plans for the ride.
I am not sure of times yet, all I know is that we are going sunday the of would be nice to leave around 7 or 8, when it is cool out, so we can adjust to the heat
Sonny - since you're a little closer to the area - do we want to meet up @ Cassoday and then grab a bite to eat somewhere? What do you suggest?
I plan on going if it's ok with the mrs. You know what, I'm going anyway, who cares what she thinks.

Yea right, I'll let you know what she says.
So what time will we meet up here omar? I have a friend with a new R1 that was thinking of joining us.
I'm guessing that we may leave around 7:00am.

If we take I-35, it'll take about 2 hrs and cost a couple bux for the toll from Emporia to Cassoday. If we take 56 hwy, it'll take 2.5 - 3 hrs; no toll. I'm thinking we take I-35 there and 56 Hwy back...
well My dad cancelled his 5 day bike trip for some serious needed money, so there is a good chance he will tag along with us, he rides a Harley Road King
From what I have seen mostly hardleys up there real early. Last time we went sportbikes didnt start showing til around 10 or later but then again going to be warmer this time. Got redlined for Sat. but not going to go in Sunday since it is the B-day. So just let me know when ya wanna meet an I will be there and maybe a few friends in tow.
As far as food goes if ya don't mind a little b-b-que they usually have a few smokers set up out there to grab something quick to eat. Also if we decide to ride after can always head up 177 and maybe stop and Council groove. Then grab (i think) it is 56 or 57 from there north up to 70. Up to ya'll at that point that usually a few hour ride there but would put you closer to home.


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Sounds like a nice ride if I can get off work in time,it will be close. You still going to meet in Olathe .Exit 215,McDonalds at 0700 on
wont be able to go yet, bikes still a mess and i have tons of work to do on the home, getting a new roof...anyway thanks for the offer, you all have fun
Sounds like a nice ride if I can get off work in time,it will be close. You still going to meet in Olathe .Exit 215,McDonalds at 0700 on
Hope you can make it!

We may meet up in Gardner - hasn't been determined yet. I'm outta town right now, but will post up the final meeting spot in the next couple of days.
I'm in. Let me knowwhere to meet up. Trying to bring a few friends too.