Calling all deck builders, part two


So I'm working on the next section of my deck (15x22 ft) that is not attached to the house. It's going to sit on top of 3 beams that are each doubled 2x8s. I was talking to DJSIN about this, and he thinks I can get by using 2x6 joists, but my plans call for 2x8 joists. Plans were generated at Menards, and joists are to be placed at 16" on center. the span between beams is approximately 7 1'2 ft between the outer and middle, and about 3 feet between the inner and middle. Overhang on them is approximately 2 ft in the front and about 18 inches on the back.

Now, if I can save myself a couple bucks by going with the 2x6, i wouldnt mind, but i dont want to compromise the strength or rigidity of my deck. Also, if i had to change my joist spacing to 12" instead of 16" it wouldnt be worth it for me from a cost or additional work standpoint.

Anyone got any input for me here?


I'm just a shadetree carpenter but in my experience, when I try to save a dollar it never comes out good. You probably have better luck than me though. Not much help huh.


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Stick with the 2X8's it takes longer for the termites to eat them. :laugh: No I'd go with the 2X8's lumber yards are funny sometimes you can get 2X8s for the same price as 2X6s and treated lumber cheaper than untreated, dayumed if I understand it. Stronger is better and safer for you and family and friends my brother. :thumbsup:


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I'd stick with the 2x8's. The deck will have a solid feel to it, plus you want to ensure that it will handle the load. You're likely to get some sag with the 2x6's or even a "bouncy" feel.

A buddy of mine did a "retrofit" on his deck a few years ago. He "sistered" two 2x6's instead of replacing them with 2x8's. He's now replacing everything with 2x8's... The deck was sagging on him...


Overbuild whenever you can. Considering the span, 2X8's will allow you plenty of wiggle room just incase you invite a group of very large people to a deck party. 2x6's would be fine on a shorter span if everybody really only weighed the average 150-170lbs but we all know that is not accurate. Your county building permit office should be able to provide guidance on the subject even if they aren't strict on approving your project.


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What Projekt said.

Also, I'm concerned about the 2' overhang. Will people be able to walk onto it? If so, make sure you use a high quality fastener for it. No nails, man.



What are these "permits" you speak of? In Indiana, you dont have to get a permit for a deck if it isnt attached to the house. The 2' overhang is well supported by the rest of the deck and joist that runs the entire span of the deck.

Thanks for the input though, folks. It's appreciated.


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Wait til you see the monstrosity that I've been working on...always overbuild if you can afford it.


Went with the 2X8. thanks for the help, all. Fifty bucks extra isnt a lot for peace of mind and no sagging.:beerchug:

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