Caliper seal install question, Gen 1, front


I was ready to install seals in the front calipers on my 04 when I saw that my service manual diagram (p 6-66) shows the piston seal to have a larger outside diameter on the dust seal side.

However, the OEM seal kit p/n 59300-33881 piston seal has no difference in its OD (i.e. square cross section).

Justin said that p/n is good for 99-07 so it appears there hasn't been a change in caliper design.

I can't easily measure the piston seal bore to see if its dia is constant, and foolishly, I threw away the old seals before inspecting the new ones.

Has anyone else seen this? I'd hate have my brakes fail if something's wrong here.


There appeared to be no directionality on the seals or dust seals.

The inner seals appeared to lay flat in their inner groove so it appeared the OD they set in was not tapered (tapered as the Suzuki manuela showed).

The dust seals were loose in their groove (i.e. not as wide as their groove).

No leaks and the brakes feel very good again (perhaps mostly due to new pads and cleanng the rotors).