California Superbike School (CSS) ROCKS!!!!


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Finally I had the opportunity to attend this school and have to tell you that it was simply put AWESOME! Two day camp at Streets Of Willow in Rosamond, CA. It was fantastic and I learned so much during this two days of riding. I have been doing most of it already just needed lines and touch ups of everything for consistency . I was not fast by no means, I was absolutely consistent and smooth. So for all you busa riders that I've followed in the past and was jealous because I didn't think I could do what you could do and make my busa look as smooth as you made yours look, ummm my confidence is way way way better and you are going to have a run for your money soon, this girl is going to make her busa look smooth and I will be getting an s1000rr. O yeah count on that one. If you have a chance to go don't hesitate. They are having classes at Barber in June and I plan on going for Level III. I am so very proud of my own self and can't wait to do it again.

We worked on so many things and I've taken so many notes and just feel like I'm on cloud 9 and no way am I coming down for awhile!

Here is the most important thing. I never used my brakes during the first day(other than to stop and park the bike) The second day they changed the direction of the track and it was all new again. Yep used the brakes a couple of times. Speedo was covered so have no idea how fast I was going, I know that I was being passed a lot. Didn't really care, I was more worried about the technique than who was passing me and how fast I was going. These drills are awesome and will help anyone with any attitude. I can't wait to do more tracks and actually have a track day. Still have butterflies about doing it and that to shall pass once I do the track day. I can't wait.







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Good Job! Sounds like you got results!

Nothing will improve a rider faster than sound training! :beerchug:
Congrats! I couldn't agree more. Got to do level 1 in 2008 at VIR...right before I bought my Hayabusa. Coincidence? >:) Some of the most fun I've had on two wheels. Hoping to do it again at Laguna Seca and/or Sears Point this year or next. :)
I'm involved with the School too. I'm pretty sure I smoked an 1000RR yesterday from a ten mph roll. We both hit it and I was all over him up to about 70. We had to slow for traffic and he turned off. I can't say for sure he pinned it but his was on it hard, thats for sure. I'm good from the launch and my bike runs real strong for the little work that it has. You can imagine I was ecstatic even if I don't know the whole story. Nic

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