California Road Trip: Hayabusa Diaries


If I remember correctly (it's on a post here, somewhere), @GAmedic got something like 14,500 mi out of his Mich's (I think they were PR5s). If I get 10k total off these I'd be satisfied, anything more would be a surprise. But I'm planning 2 more canyon run trips this summer, and it's SoCal, so it's hot (one of the runs is near Palm Springs), and pavement type can make a difference, but the tires look healthy enough, and I won't mind going into debt for another set if it's < 10k before they wear out. Love these tires, and when I'm rich, I'm moving up to the Q4s.


Yes. Estimated mileage round trip was 1,289. Actual was 1,307
I don't have any pics of the tires before leaving, but here's what the rear looks like now with 3,566 miles on them. Hope this helps.

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Those don't look bad at all for that mileage considering most I read was saying they would be used up in about 3k. I thoroughly watched and read @GAmedic review and might see a pair in my future but I just haven't liked the feeling of the Michelin I have now which is just a plain pilot power and I know the one set of dunlop I had on my old srad actually gave me the confidence to lean it more and more. Appreciate the pics and info sir.


the cover leak is common . The rubber stator wire plug does it .when you get home take fairing off / clean cover / rubber plug . then coat plug/wires coming out of plug with coat of Black RTV silicone . RJ did it to real early when he was new 4 years ago


Hard to tell from these shots if that's where the stator leak was coming from, but it's clean now, applying silicone this weekend. Thanks @c10!

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