cabin in the southern states?

Johnnie Phatt

HI all I have been watching all those mtn video's here and elsewhere and thinking I would like to ride them. But a vaction is too short. So I guess my question is. How far and where in the south do I have to go to get a reasonably warm winter most of the time Reasonably well kept roads and where I could get a house /cabinn/trailer and not spend all my savings? doesn't need to be out in the woods A small town is find I would just like to be somewhere that is not at The Gap. I have never been but I hear Suches GA is nice. Any thoughts and suggestions would be welcome

Mr Brown

Draw a line across the map from Memphis Tn east. Pretty much anywhere below that will have the climate you want. Then it's just a matter of scenery......


Top Gun
Nothing wrong with south central Va either.
It was below freezing monday and tuesday,
45 yesterday, and is 60 today...and it snowed last week.
Low cost of living, low crime rate, and I can be riding on the BRP in 30min.
Not to mention that the roads to there are just as good.
I traveled through 40 states, and would only consider living in a couple. But, not only is Va my home, but I wouldn't leave for the above mentioned reasons.
AND, you guys can keep your deep south...Ga summers are awful, awful!!!

Johnnie Phatt

I'm thinking snowbirding in late fall to early spring But there is always summer. I live I the flat lands of Ontario We travel two hours to get to the few roads with curves and the local Leo's know every one. They get crowded. Too many cruisers in larger groups who are not at all helpful about letting you get by them. I have travelled down to visit my late Aunt in the past and find once I hit GA it is pretty nice most ties I have driven down But we are talking Jan/Feb so I am thinking compared to what I am use to south VA to the FL line must have comparitivly warm days. But some states have rules about foreign ownership and there are taxes to consider. so I look to advice from those who know. Thx to all so far. JP


Our decent riding months here in Ga is late March to late November give or take. If you're looking for a weekend cabin, look into Helen if you wanna spend most of your time riding the mountain roads.

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