Bye Bye Busa Baby


Dis in my way!
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Well guys it looks like the Busa is really going away this time, I have a guy coming over this week to pick her up....... She's been good to me but its just time for her to go...... I will always remember the good times when she sat quietly purring while I pleaded with the nice Trooper for a break...... Parting is such sweet sorrow......

So sorry to hear of your loss.  You can live vicariously through us...

??? really?


what the hell is a B-King.........

Capt, sorry for your loss.........get the Orange one next year.
Damn Capt. I'm devastated by your loss. Can I borrow the B-King?

The B-King's release has been confirmed?

How will you cope in the mean time?
Suzuki B-King:

Supercharged 1300 GSX 1300 producing 250 horsepower.
Another first with the B-King is that it will be the first motorcycle to come with it's own helmet - the B-King is the first motorcycle to be designed for use with a heads up display, so the rider does not need to unfocus from the road to read the speedo, tacho, or the navigation instructions form the GPS system.

Starting it is not done with a key - the B-King has fingerprint recognition, making it harder to steal than a bike with a key. The anti-theft aspects don't end there. If someone attemps to steal your B-King, it will dial your mobile phone, allowing you to converse directly with the person tampering with it via a speaker and inbuilt microphone. In addition to conversing with the said thieves, you can flash the lights and sound the horn, and if they are undeterred and truck it, you can track it down using the GPS system.

The telemetry and inbuilt computer can communicate with your local Suzuki service centre and it is capable of self diagnosis. The wireless connection can also link to the internet for traffic and weather information and you can also read and send email.
Sorry Cap, I can't imagine letting my 'Busa go.

The king is dead, all hail the B-King!!!
They will never make that. It is like that Chrysler bike that will never see fruitation.
Captain are you seriously selling your bike?
Yep, the buyer came by the office today and we worked out all the details, his banker called me a few minutes later and told me he had a check there and I just needed to bring the title... GONE !! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH