Buzzing sound when applying the front brake


I was wondering if this happens to anybody else out there.
When I apply the front brakes at more than 20 miles an hour, a buzzing sound occurs.
I took it to the shop, but they have no idea what I am talking about.
It does not impact performance. It didn't always do it.
It started one day while I was on the highway.
It almost sounds like an electrical buzz.

After I installed the EBC HH pads, I started hearing this, kinda cool if you ask me.:;):
the EBC's make alot more noise than the stocks did.. I noticed that the first time I rode it without earplugs.. with earplugs in I couldn't tell any diff.. but with them out I was going WTF is all that racket down there.. haha
yea, i just noticed this a few days ago after i switched pads as well.. thought i was just hearing things.
I have the Galfer HH pads and they make a noise like that