buzzing around 1500-2000 rmp

whats up folks? hope everyone is still with us. ive been off line (no, not in jail)
im gettin a buzz almost like a snare drum that starts around 1200 rpm and cuts out around 2k.
power is still great. it seems to be more pronounced when cold. only mod is a yoshi.
something loose?

Devil Dog

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Yup....check everything. I have a buzz in my front plastic somewhere.....can't seem to isolate it. It must be from me taking the body on/off for my frameslider mod.

The best fix is to invest in a set of earplugs.


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(HillsRider @ Oct. 10 2006,13:58) Grab hold of the windshield next time you hear it. The ZG I put on buzzed like that.  

If you have never done the "electrical tape" mod it will clear that buzzing right up!

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