busted oil pan

Hit something in the road, and busted the oil pan, and smashed the headers. Bike shut off imediatley, but bike will not turn over while trying to start. Sounds like something is wedge up into motor,or some sort of sensor. Asy help is appreciated.
Whe it hit, it shut right off, then locked up into a skid for 4 to 500 feet. I took the oil pan off tonight, and it looks like the oil pump gears are shedded off. I found teeth everywhere. I wondering now if I should continue to pull this apart meore, or call the insurance comp.


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Sounds like it got bound up with metal. i would call insurance and file a claim to get a rebuild even if you clean it out real good there could be shavings that would wreck long time havoc on the surfaces.

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Yeah, I agree. What I hit was the metal bridge frame. The road had sunk, and created a nice 5inch steel lip. I guess with the dip, then the steel, hitting the bottom, the bridge won.

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