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Yeah, yeah, yeah...You been getting your ...And I'm cool with that...But if you remember I warned you that when I got to feeling better I would represent...Well I feel better and I'm getting my ...So let's do the damn thang... :devil:

Shat something went wrong...I'll have to check this out tomorrow and resize the damn thing...Anyway you get the point... ;)

Checkout the left foot...That's cause I'm swapping...Hell yeah...Doing the damn thang...
Nice picture. I know I am at the balance point when I have to look from the side to see where I'm going. Starting to learn to shift from 2nd to 3rd to ride them out longer. Feels very dangerous the few times I tried a stand-up...I guess it's just practice!
That's all you need...Practice, practice and more practice...You'll get it and the more you do the smoother they will become...
That's definitely cool as hell, but yer gonna catch it fer the squidgear. :sad:

imagine how much cooler you would look with a helmet, gloves, long pants, a jacket, and a pair of riding boots.

bitch if you want, but i say it only with your best interest in mind.
Higg I think you were looking for this one yesterday...So I bumped it up for ya...
It was actually higher than what was caught...My photographer had gotten drunk...
probly dont wheelie as easy with the muzzys. the weight of the stock cans helps wheelie easier?
Actually to me the balance is much better now verse the dual pipes...Maybe it's the added power that makes the difference...I'm not sure...But I like to ride 'em...I still prefer smaller bikes for tricks though their much easier to keep airbourne...And I concerning the gear...