Hey Busafied...
please share with the .org group here what you found on ebay.
You mean, the Busa that belongs to me on eBay?

The dork that used all my pics from my website, uner the Tab "My Busa", then tried to pawn it off on eBay.

I since have redone the Site, and MARKED all my pictures, for this not to happen again.

I also got something for the Dork who did it..

You have been warned: I DON'T play nice with Scammers//
//My Truck, my Busa, My Choice..

So far, a police officer from one of the other boards, is helping me, he's pissed almost more then I am.

Also AOL the isp for the individual listed on eBay, is working on it.. As well as a few other Board members..

It was funny when the price hit $9,000,000.oo
Play with fire & you will get burned.

After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he ended the auction very quickly.

Alot of hackers are comprimising eBay accounts these days, and it is more then likely what happened in this case, atleast for this individual I would hope so..Cause I ain't down with clownin'.

And the PoPo's want you bad.. so watch out I am comming.

I'm glad you have the sense to not let it go... annoys me to no end that someone would even consider doing that.
go get 'em!
I'm glad that somebody noticed and recognized your pictures. Go get him.
Hmmmmmmmm first they rip off pictures of my wife and post them some place and they copyright my pictures of my wife!!! Now they rip pictures from Busafied to sell his bike in a scam!!!.... Guess Im lucky they did not try to sell her!!! Some people have balls!!!
Funny thing is, that these people do think about, that a "Vast" as this Internet is, it is also that much more "Tightly Knit"..

Lucky a member on another board I am reg'd on found it and PM'd me.

On the other Org. board, another member was actually in the process of closing the deal with this jerk.. The jerk "Is" even trying to sell him "MY Leathers" pictured from my site..

I hope that someone can do something, as eBay doesnt even have time to respond to my pleas in the form of 20 emails with them, and won't even let me post on their Chat rooms or message boards to warn of him/her, without threatening to BAN me from eBAY!!

What's up with that? those are my posestions not his, I was trying to help not hender..

Well since eBay has NO COMPETITION, they believe they can do what best suits them..

I only hope they understand letting business like this continually be conducted as the "Norm" it will come back and Bite them in the Buttocks.. I can only hope it is sooner that later for everyones sake, that is using that place, better know as E-Scam.

Ron, I say this with the utmost respect... I'm glad it happened to you.

The next guy could be so weak to let it go... you didnt.

This brings up an interesting point. I think everyone will have to watermark their images from now on.

I think it is too easy for people to bid on eBay without first contacting and verifying the seller. It is always one bad apple that makes the whole lot look bad, unfortunately.