Busa will not start


Well, soon after my post, I went to start my busa and nothing. I mean NOTHING! No diagnostics, no lights, no ticking, not a clue or sign of life.

I am still at work and waiting for a ride but would appreciate any advice as I will be fixing this myself. I have never had an ounce of trouble with the Busa. It has 4K miles, stored inside, all fuses looked good (except I did not check the main fuse as it looks like a bit of digging).

Perhaps the battery is that dead? Maybe some type of auto shut-off switch under certain conditions that must be reset?

Thanks, Mike
The last time I rode my 2000 Busa to work and parked it I locked the handlebars. About five hours later a friend asked me why my back light was on. When I locked it I went one click to far and turn on the parking light. My battery was almost dead and only click once when I tried to start it. It took me and a friend four tries to push start it. It finally got it running and it has been good sence. Could this had happened to you?? Just a thought.
Im sure just how much alike the TLS and our beloved Hayabusas have in comin, but on my budys TLS we have noticed that there is a fuse box or sumthing under the seat and under the hinge of the gas tank that will kill everything, and I do mean everything. If you tap on it all the lights will come back on but you have to have two people to try it. You will hold the clutch and tap on the box, and your friend will tap the starter.

Just pitchin in my two cents

It does sound like you ran the battery dead, especially easy to miss placing it in 'park' during the light of day. You won't be able to push start it, BTW, as you need at least some juice going to the coils.

Charge the battery (jump start or use a trickle-charger). The fuses are under the left, inner-panel. Remove that to check.
Thank you for your replies that are all quite helpful. I came to work with my van, ramp, locks incase I was too weak to load the Busa myself (it is very heavy compared to my 929), jumpers and a 1 amp charger.

Long story short, it was the battery and I assume, as jwcfbd
and Narcissus mentioned, that I put it in park and for that, I want to submit myself to public flogging (how could I have been so stupid?
(in other words, me)).

Charging the battery now and I am sure all will be well for my trip to southern Lake Tahoe this weekend...

Thanks again for your replies and good point Jester0769.
I did the exact same thing about a year ago, dead !! Luckily I was on the 5th floor of the parking garage and we had an express ramp that went all the way to the 1st level, I pulled the clutch, started down, put it in 3rd and popped the clutch an whammo the mighty Hayabusa was alive again......... I agree with Narcissus, you will never push start a Busa by running along side and jumping on.... Glad to hear your machine is running again.
That's not so bad. After replacing my controls with the Euro models, I have, on a couple occasions left the key in the ignition with the ignition 'on' throughout the night after parking it in my garage, only to find it that way the next day (sometimes after looking everywhere for my key). The battery never died since lights were off. Fortunately I live in a more secluded area, where everything is well out of view.
The first week i had my Busa i did the same thing i thought i was just locking the wheel but unknowingly i had turned on my park light. Its a good thing my buddy saw it about 15 minutes later.....