Busa Wheels to lighter wheel???

Will the GSXR1000,or Yamaha wheel mod REALLY help in ET ?
Is it worth the money to pickup 100’s of a second ?
Have any of you guys seen any difference in this mod?
I know it’s been talked about .
don't think you could see a difference on a slip. stuff like that is like a grain of sand. you wont know its there till there is enough to notice. perfect example:::::::::::::d.m.e. just started selling titanium bolt sets $725 plus shipping 45% weight savings., about 23 bolts and nuts. can you feel the difference? no. but put it all together and you see. check out chris moore on cash is king bike. all carbon fiber. hes got more in bodywork than mine is worth
I've heard that ceramic bearings alone are worth a 10th of a second ? Don't know about that , but on my Busa , housed in BST wheels , that combination is awesome on my favorite hills run . I agree , when you do everything you can afford to reduce weight , then you see some serious weight loss in total , which has got to help your power upgrades , combined .

pic of streetfighter Ohlins front end and shock , BST carbon wheels

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