Busa vs. Liter Bikes


I've been wondering how the Busa stacks up vs the big 4 Liter Bikes lately.
I assume the Liter Bikes handle, brake, and get around a track better than the Busa.
But how about acceleration?
Which is quicker 0-60, 1/4 Mile, and roll-ons?


There is no replacement for displacement:laugh:
I got one of each and IMO the busa edges out the competition stock vs. stock real world everytime.


The power gap is getting smaller and smaller every year. Modern liter bikes are getting scary fast.

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Cycle world or someone did a comparison test at an airfield a few months back. The Busa and 14 were right there at the 1/4 pretty much. Surprisingly to me though the ZX10 beat everything from 100 roll on and first to 180. I think it will get to the point where a liter bike with slight mods will be able to match a stock busa. 2 Cents


The Busa is far ahead at higher speeds; litre-bikes can't perform a decent acceleration above 160 mph :laugh: And the Busa stabilty is superior at high speeds.


In the quarter mile, A 150 lb guy on a small ZX10 or GSXR1K will typically smoke a 195 lb guy on a GenII Busa. Sure its an unfair comparison, but realisticly bigger guys are on the bigger bikes.

ZX10, 158 RWHP, 555 lbs total weight >>>calculates to 153 mph trap speed.
Gen II Busa, 190 RWHP, 745 lbs total weight >>>>calculates to 148 mph.

Now put the skinny guy on the Busa.
Gen II Busa, 190 RWHP, 700 lbs total weight >>>>>calculates to 151 mph.
ZX10 still accelerates harder with the same rider give some rough assumptions on weights.

I wouldn't take that bet. Those bikes with the right riders are fast.


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IMO the Cycle World test has a lot of flaws. I just find it funny that not a single magazine or real world test has gotten even close to the numbers they published for that one ZX10. Even the EURO mags have the CBR and GSXR1K running with or faster than the ZX10 (my guess is it was a ringer from Kawi).

Now that that's out of the way, equal riders have proven that on the street 160+ the BUSA is still king. The liters bikes are quick in roll-on's because of weight and gearing but past that the BUSA walks away.

I can tell you at the Texas Mile my BUSA put 10mph on a liter bike with the same mods.... :beerchug:

If you want to talk 1/4-mile only, I think it's pretty obvious what bike works the best. The BUSA has dominated the drag world since it was introduced... :laugh:


torque and wheelbase.....we can talk about hp to lbs ratios forever, but in the real world the busa is the king.

the lighter weight of the liter bike, and its shorter wheelbase are great for turning laps at a racetrack.....but hurt in acceleration. the liter bike is wheelieing, while the busa is accelerating away from him.


Custom busa motor swap to a GSXR600 frame anyone? lol :whistle:

be like a chipmunk with catalope size ballz


IMO which ever company pays the magazines the most has the best review & in this case is the fastest bike. I will put a stock Busa up against any stock bike with the same rider in the 1/4 mile & the Busa will come out on top. Even against the ZX14 now personally I will go up against any bike mods or not (Turbos Excluded). :poke:

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In all fairness, i have both but the 1ks with the same rider are just to close to call in a drag race, there is no guaranteed winner. I ran 9.teens with my stock wheel base piped 08 and just watched an 07 1k at the last race go 8.98@158. This was stock wheel base, foot shifted, with only minor head work. I also see busas and 14s running the same so its a wash in my mind, after maybe 160 or so the big bikes have the advantage but how often do we race at those speeds ???


I want to believe that the gixxer with the acceleration advantage will smoke the gen2 in a street race, until traffic kills them both.


I want to believe that the gixxer with the acceleration advantage will smoke the gen2 in a street race, until traffic kills them both.
I have a couple friends with 08 gsxr 1000's and it is close on roll ons, but I walk them (stock gearing). Haven't ran any stock vs's stock they have mods and so do I. Changed the front sprocket yesterday and ran against one last night and pulled every time even more than before (2nd gear pulls). He has the Brock's full exhaust and pc3 stock filter with Brock's map, I weigh about 40lbs less them him. The 1k's aren't no joke, they feel faster then the Busa when on one. :laugh:


I've had a 1K to, and have to agree, it is a respectable bike. Especially on track, but it is also quite OK on street as well. I did sell the 1K because it was basically only used at track days; the previous highly tuned Honda Blackbird and now the Busa is what you want to use for 90% of the time due to better ergo, stability and stronger midrange.


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