Busa -vs- GSXR: Buying Power

I am in the market of getting a bike. I owned a '96 GSXR 1100 about 2 yrs ago and I really miss the ride. Anyway, I am looking into getting a busa and have a few questions that I hope that this board will help. First, let me let everyone know that I am looking at the Busa '98 and newer or a GSXR 1000 '97 and newer. I am under the impression that the Busa makes more horsepower, is lighter, and a little more modern looking. The only complaint that I have heard about the busa is the handling when it is compared to the GSXR. I never rode a busa so I am ignorant to its handling capabilities however my GSXR was pretty smooth on the curves. Something else that I have noticed is that no matter where I look, I am seeing the busa being sold cheaper than the GSXR line. Why is this, if the busa (seems to me) is a better and faster bike. I am leaning more towards the busa than the GSXR but I would like a little more insight on the busa. I have been monitoring the boards here for a couple of weeks now and the information that is covered is very helpful. Now what I want is any and all info that can be covered that will put the nail in the cofin and get me on a bike.

Thanks for everything.


I'll let the others expound upon your questions but in short: the Busa is heavier than the GSXR1000, the Busa first came out in 1999, the GSXR1000 did not come out in 1997 but rather a couple years later (not sure on the date), the Busa does make more power than the GSXR1000, the Busa costs more than the GSXR1000 everywhere I have ever seen, the Busa is more comfy than the GSXR1000, the GSXR1000 is better suited to serious fast canyon carving and the racetrack. Are you sure you know what a GSXR1000 is and looks like? It seems that you are confusing it with the older GSXR1100 that you had at one point.
Everyone here will tell you HAYABUSA RULES!!!
It really is the best bike of all It's very confortable; the queen of speed is the fastest bike in the world; it has the looks, charisma, everything...

but what are you looking for in a bike??? The GSXR1000 has better handling in the track... and that might just be what it counts.

A lot of your facts are very inaccurate. The GSXR1000 is a totally different handling bike. It's built to immulate a true racer and in all aspects you can do very little to the bike and take it to the track.
The Busa on the other hand is much more comfortable and much better looking, as well as much more powerful and much faster. You have to put at least $3,000 to $5,000 into a stock GSXR1000 to muster enough HP just to barely beat a stock Busa in HP. Then you have the torque factor, and I don't even know where to start on a GSXR1000 to match the Busa's torque.
I do like both motorcycle's however after riding a GSXR1000 and owning a 03 Busa, let me tell you there is no comparison what-so-ever.
Pull up to a light (which is where most of your macho buddies see you) and I will smoke your a#@!!!!!!!!
Better yet let's do a 2nd gear role on and then I will AGAIN smoke your a#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make your decision off your knowledge of riding them not what everyone tells you.
If you live in Northern Italy and have access to the Alps 24-7 then get the GSXR1000.
If you don't plan on riding through the mountains everyday (and don't get me wrong the Busa will probably outperform YOU on the twisties) then the decision is simple.
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I was looking at R1, GSXR1000 and Busa to buy on '03.
R1 was 'nicer' than the GIX but it seemed GIX was better made for track use. The Busa seemed to do it all without flying over backwords or loosing traction when twisting the throttle. For ME [emphisis on ME] the busa satisfied ALL things where the others fell short and the prices were all so close it didn't matter.
Busa - not as hunched over all the time, heavier in winds and for traction, able to ride interstate for hours without breaks, passenger feels safer, more power to haul that hottie, unique looks, very high speed, makes you 'grin'.
The others missed that stuff - stuff that was important to ME.
Decide how you REALLY ride and buy what fulfills your need.
WOW, I can not believe ho misinformed I was on the BUSA!!! Ok - since my level of ignorance has just went over the edge on the busa, is there a site, link or somewhere I can get accurate info on this bike. Or if someone wants to play with there typing skills, they can put the info here on the post or email it to me. I would like to see numbers (weight, HP, TQ) and anything else that might be of interest to me. As for the price thing, again I am still finding them cheaper here in Florida, mostly central and north florida but I will make the trip to get what I want.

What I want in a bike is speed. I hang with a bunch of cars that race every weekend and for me to get into I would have to jump out and spend like 45k-50k just to be a contender. Well, as much as I love muscle cars, my love for bikes is greater. Once I get the bike I am sure, everyone here will enjoy reading my weekend outtings..

Thanks ro the info and I will keep everyone posted.
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Thanks for the links, got great info from both sites. I think I need to go and see some of these bikes and get one between my legs real quick.
If you are a tall fella you may want to throw a leg over each bike and sit on it so you can determin if it will be comfortable enough for you. BTW i am 6'4" and was very uncomfortable while sitting on the gixxer 1k. I don't think I would have chosen it over the busa anyways.

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If you're going to do the flat straightaway racing, I'd go with the 'Busa.

My advice, and the Turbo guys are going to hate me for this, instead of a turbo, get a Nitrous kit, I haven't heard of anyone NOT trashing thier engine by putting a turbo on it.
Ok guys...let me have it!
The '03 1000 appears to have alittle more "umph" than the 01/02's. It pulled 149.8 RWHP stock. We put a full Yoshimura Tri-Oval system, drop in cams (dialed in), and a Yosh head gasket. It was Dyno'ed at Dyno Jet's R&D facility in Las Vegas with 164 RWHP.

This would be about $2300 to Joe Blow off the street, like Wayneswa said it ain't cheap keeping up with the 'Busa.
I rode all of the bikes you have questions on including the 96 1100 that you owned. I can tell you a few things about all in my opinion of course. The Busa although 4-5 pounds lighter than your 96 1100 feels a bit heavier because of its low center of gravity. It isnt as nimble through the corners as your 1100 was but with some suspension tweaking and lifting the back it is very close to your 1100. But way I mean way more power. Smoother more torque better finish quality all around nicer bike. I had a 89 1100 myself. The 1000 is a whole different animal. More like a race bike than anything before. It has major pull not as much as the Busa but I have to admit fter many roll ons with my own Busa and a friends 1000 very close he can get the front wheel of the ground in 3rd. But the Busa does pull him. The 1000 has a very steep driver angle it is setup for cornering I had some trouble with it because I am 6 foot 4 260 pounds it was to small for me and I like to go on long rides all day. So all in all they are very close as far as power etc but the Busa has more HP and Torque where the 1000 is lighter so the power to weight ratio is better. Sit on both decide what type of riding you want to do and by the one that suits your needs. The 1000 has the same frame as the 750 and the motor is ultra light I have not heard of any issues with longevity but you may want to do some checking. Both are awesome bikes If I could have 2 I would have those 2 So most importantly you need to be comfortable with your ride. the Busa is more like what you had and the 1000 is more like a 750 model of your bike (with a jet engine strapped on) LOL
If you want to be sure which one will fit you best, there is only one thing to do, try them !!!!!
I wouldn't spend 13000 Euros in something I not sure of it and you will see that the busa is made for you, if you are not scared of "very high speed"
I want to thank everyone for the info. I hope once I get my bike that I get this much help with mod helpand problems that come up. So far I am very pleased with the board. To let everyone know, my decision is more so on the BUSA and the before the weekend I am going to a shop and going to sit on them both and feel them up, I mean out.

racer24x, thanks for comparing the bikes to my 1100, makes it real easy to understand.

Kbio, as for me being afraid of speed... In the cars that I hang out with on the weekends, we race to speeds of 160 mph and every once in awhile go top end runs near the 195 mph mark. This is why I am really leaning to the busa. And there are a couple of cars that I will need the busa to shut them up, since they are always talking smack about beating up on the bikes.


we race to speeds of 160 mph and every once in awhile go top end runs near the 195 mph mark.  This is why I am really leaning to the busa.  And there are a couple of cars that I will need the busa to shut them up, since they are always talking smack about beating up on the bikes.

What kinda cars are you driving reaching these speeds?



What kinda cars are you driving reaching these speeds?
'01 stage 2 Heads/Cam Firewawk with full bolt ons and tuning
'02 stage 3 heads/cam Trans Am with full bolt ons and tuning
'99 436in trans am with full bolt ons
'02 Z06 with spray and exhaust
'03 Cobra with chip, exhaust, pulley, tuning
'00 Viper with full bolt ons

This is just a few. The list gets rather long but you might get the idea from these.

Oh yeah, did I mention that there is a Lingenfelter TT C5 that comes out once in awhile.



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