Busa running rich


2002 k&n filter and slip on, running very rich check spark plug they were black and wet. any suggestions?
if they were wet... you may want to go with a NGK-CR8E spark plug.

(I am having the same problem but since I went with a pcIIIusb recently I wanted to see if that made a differance first, so I have not used the cr8e's yet.)
So I take it the CR8E is hotter than the CR9E. That is exactly what I was looking for thanks. My RF900 is showing that exact same simple. It fouls a plug or two once in a while and they are dark (rich) and wet with gas.
I'm also running a bit on the rich side now that it was tuned up... The tuner set it up a bit richer than stock, I think I liked it better on the lean side. It started better that way, hot or cold.