busa running like crap????? easy solution


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when i got my bike back in april from stealership on the dewinterization i noticed the bike was running a bit off... didnt think much about it as i had rotator cuff surgery in jan and was still rehabing and my back tire was about crap (started to see threads even with extreemly easy rideing about a month ago) well today i put on my 3rd Shinko raven (i swear by them not as sticky but dual compound and i get 8k miles every time no joke!!!! and for 100$ at iron pony...ya cant beat that with a ugly stick) so i got the bike home and pulled the bmc air filter for cleanning figureing mabey that was it... then as a side note i thought..... mabey i should check the map on the power commander (every year after dewinterizing i reload the map just in case but its always still stored in the PC.) wellllllllllllll guess what....NO MAP. well that might explain things a bit. :whistle::whistle::please::please: oh lord for these bikes we are about to ride may we be truely thankfull...busuasus papaus stupidus needus smackeus............amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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