Busa pocket bike

POCKETBIKE...No-one one as far as I know..I gave a buddie of mine some broken Busa plastic and he cut it down to fit a YSR50,he added a electric start 250cc motor and a bunch more details...I posted here and on s.org awhile back..I will see if I still have the pics?..It was pretty kool and I think he's still selling it?

but someone should..I would buy one!!


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I bought PB and some Kanji stickers, added some other details, but it doesn't REALLY resemble a busa


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I remember one - but it was all custom... I'll dig around... but I think it is the one that E-Racer is talking about ; purple if I remember correctly...


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It's fun for for about 6 laps, then rigor mortis sets in. Need to get umbrella girls/masseuse for the pits.
Cheap ones under $300 can hit about 28 mph before they explode or break, quality race bikes like our Polinis costing over 1k hit 38mph unless you mod, and don't break much. If you mod them, the skys the limit. but 38 is scary fast on one of these, and wreckign still hurts - note the scrapes on my full gear

I remember seeing a pic of someone's all painted just like a busa. looked great


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man... now I wanna go Pocketbike racing again!!!

TRAVIS! If I have Red and White running, wanna meet me Oct 15th for the final face off of the season?
Thanks for the reply! Looks very interesting. I could never get my body into that tight cramped up position and then race, I would love it but.. Back problems etc.. Post up more pics if you have them. Looks like a blast!! Have fun!!
At least if you do crash you are only 2 inches off of the ground, no falling. Just touching down sort of?


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oh no. ROLLING at 30-35 MPH sucks! not really fast enough to get a slide going since you are rolling off the bike when you fall anyway. I race with FSTBUSA from here. We are very lucky in that there is a KART track right between where we live that has small cycle track days, and they let us join in. found more pics on their website

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