busa paranoia?


Just got a brand new '03 busa, 0 miles, delivered to the house. The cycle shop says they prepped it, fluid, inspection, etc. However, they only put about a tablespoon of gas in. I never owned a brand new bike and have a couple questions.

Before every start I go down the checklist from the manual, fluid resvoirs, etc...

First, the first couple times tried starting, it took about 3 tries before success. Is that anything to be concerned about?

Second, the manual says to pull the choke for cold starts and close it after about 30 seconds. But, when I push the choke that soon it sounds like it's about to stall. What's up with that?

Also, the manual says to keep it about 2000 rpm when warming up, but with choke idle only see about 1000 rpm.

Third, while it's warming up, it smells like burning metal, like when my Jeeps way low on oil. And, after my first ride, a slight mist of smoke was rising from the front of the bike when I was parking. Coule this just be some of the new paint I smell and see burning and breaking in?

Like I said, very first brand new bike. I hope I'm just being paranoid, but I would hate this thing to have any problems before I even get it wide open.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
That is all normal. Keep an eye on the chain the most. It will stretch a lot. All those smells and smoke are normal. Only a light amount of smoke, not a lot. Mine idles at 2000 when the choke is engaged. Once she warms up then I turn the choke off and blip the throttle and it will settle into a nice rythm.
I've never owned a USED bike. So I can tell you all the stuff is normal, kinda like the new car smell except for motorcycles. Everything is sealing and meshing together. As for the 30 second choke thing, forget that you'll get a feel for how long to keep the choke out the longer you have the bike.Sometimes you wont need to choke it at all. It has a lot to do with the temperature. Mine idles arounds 2000 rpm with the choke and closer to 1100 rpm at normal idle.

Enjoy the new ride, you gonna LOVE IT!
Yea, What they said.......plus you might want to get a shop manual. They are very handy and can tell you how to adjust the idle to where it is supposed to be (or rebuild the engine if you want). 1100 is perfect once the bike is warmed up. It sounds like yours is a little out of adjustment. AND NEVER TRUST A SHOP THAT DOESN"T FILL YOUR TANK! If they are that cheap, they may have "forgotten" to service/prep your bike just to save a couple of pennies. Ride it easy for 600 miles and then find a really good shop to go thru and tighten all the bolts and adjust the chain. Make sure they check the TPS adjustment too. All of this should be done but usually they just change the oil and charge you $200.
actually the owners manual tells you where to adjust the idle and many other things that you can do yourself.