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Hey guys and Gals So I have a 2 part question, I have a 2004 busa 1300r I transplanted into a trike I'm building, question is I cant seem to find the radiator temp switch wire nor the wire for the fan(not sure if fan runs off of radiator temp switch but either way i should still have a wire or 2 coming off the harness for coolant switch am i even right? does anyone know color codes for wire coming from harness to coolant switch so I can further search for it ?

My second question is this brown connector what the hell is it ? lol i download a diagram online it seems to be the fuel pump connector but i'm not sure because the diagram says the pump has 3 wires but my connector has 4 anyone have any thoughts on this any help would be great



Berlin Germany

@busa noob

as far as i know (and my german manuals shows)
1. the brown pump connector allways have 4 wires
at all gen1 busas

2. the gen2 pump connector have 3 wires

my personal recomm for best results in the future
is to get an original ´99 suzuki service manual for the gen1 incl. all supplements
- ´00
- ´01
- ´02
- ´03
- ´04
- ´05
- ´06/´07

yes in deed - for germany suzuki wrote and delivered 7 (seven) supp.´s
and i guess they did the same for all other countries too.

my german standard manual has around 620 pages
(plus my personal supps, i wrote for me and myself, mine reached 754 pages ;) )

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