Busa Movie - Bollywood Style...

- john dhoom movie bike race amazing[/url]

- Dhooom Edited[/url]

- Making of Dhoom - Part 1 - Dhoom | Film[/url]

For more clips go to youtube and search for Dhoom.


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Those clips were enough for me thanks:rofl: i didn't even fix the embed for ya! I want no part of that blame :rofl: it's all on you:poke::laugh:


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Those Indian spec. 'busa's sure are slow. They twist open the throttle and only get another 20 km/hr. or so.

Couldn't even outrun a Tata or Mahindra version Jeep knockoff without needing NOS.



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why is it the busa is always saving the smaller bikes, you'd think by now they could stand up and walk without the busa holding their hands...
:rofl:....funny whenever I ride my bike doesnt sound like doom doom doom...mine goes veroom verooooooooooommm!
That was horrible. Its like Torque meets Knight Rider.
Somebody should tell them they are running a little rich with all that smoke pouring out of the exhaust.:rofl:Or was that supposed to be Nitrous?

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