Busa missing 3rd cylinder

So I had my bike in the shop getting tires put on it and told them to look it over while it was there. They determined it was missing in the 3rd cylinder. I talked to the very informative girl behind the counter said it was possible I just need to change spark plugs since I am approaching 8,000 miles.

So I jumped on the org searched around a little and decided to tackle this on my own. Well not 30 min with the guidance of the org and I have changed my first set of plugs. I am not sure if that was my problem but it idles really smooth and even vice the choppy idle it had before and I took it on a ride around the block and it runs like a whole new bike.

Here we're my plugs I took out.

Basic troubleshhoting. Spark? Fuel? Curious, when you removed them were they loose? I have had more than one set loosen up on me. If you seat and then do the 1/2 turn thing they may loosen. Use a torque wrench to make sure they are tight enough without stripping the threads in the head.
In my defense I bought the bike at 4,500 miles and the guy was scared of it and between the chicken strips and road tires I could tell it had never been ridin like it was supposed to be.

As far as what it was doing prior to me changing them. I had taken some time off of riding so I could not hear it and I did not think the bike had as much spunk as I remembered. So basically it idled a little rough and i had to adjust the idle a few times increasing it. The tach you could see the idle jumping from 12-1500 as it idled. It also did not have break your neck acceleration.

After changing them the idle is smooth. My wife even noticed and mentioned how smooth it sounds when I went in the house. This morning I rode it to work and woah the acceleration was there. I jumped on the road hammered it a little and the front tire was coming up. Even on the highway the rpms were stable.

I am just impressed I was able to do more maintenance on my bike that did not require shop time. My other bikes I took in for everything but I am realizing that most of this stuff I can accomplish myself.

I am in need of a new chain and sprocket set up but that might be outside my abilities with the wrench.
Well done....plugs were clearly worn...re-gaping them may have helped for a while but as you now know plugs aren't expensive and easy enough to change.
The wet look they have just means the engine is not being best used at the right revs or your heavy handed and short shifting with lots of unburnt fuel just being fired through the engine and doing nothing.....good chance the exhaust ends are sooty or even slightly oily feeling.
Every now and then ride the bike at high revs in a lower gear to get to the speed you want and hold it for a few minutes to raise the cylinder temperature and burn off any crap on the plugs.

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I am in need of a new chain and sprocket set up but that might be outside my abilities with the wrench.
Man replacing the chain and sprockets are pretty straight forward. If you have a buddy that works on bikes just have him there to look over your shoulder. Basic bike maintenance is pretty straight forward. I love doing my stuff because its cheaper, I know its done right, most important I get to spend more time with my bike. Hardest part is having all the tools to do this stuff on your own.
Well I think I was shifting at a little lower RPM due to it taking a while for the RPMs to raise. I really noticed today that it is easier to reach high RPMs and they stayed higher at highway speeds. I will keep that in mind for running it at higher RPM to keep that estra burnt off.

I have been pretty good on other maintenance but any that requires taking the wheels off concerns me. I have not even put my road lock on for that reason. I am still researching it a little because I am thinking of going with a different size sprocket. Reading all over the org trying to decide on the best ratio for me. I do this all on my own I really don't have any friends that are mechanics, just the org and YouTube.
Your bike should pull very hard all the way to the limiter in 1st through 4th. I mean OMG hard! If it doesn't I would look at fuel delivery.
It pulls extremely hard now and all the way through. I think this bike sat for long periods of time over the 9 years that the other guy owned it. I ordered sprockets and chain today going with a 16/43 ratio so I am sure that will increase the pull even more. Still wondering if I can accomplish this on my own. I will continue to research and thing about it until the parts come in. If i am brave I will try it and if I chicken out I will just pay the $100 to have them do it.

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