Busa is faster

Sheez man..you know by now what ya gotta do to make it RIP...was that a 2002 model you have??..just wait abit..
someone will come up with the right mod......faster than you really wanna go...maybe......sincerly...Ralph..i like some of your posts Hank...hang in there..
i think even without the limiter it wouldn't be much faster than the busa. busa's omega aerodynamic, that thing.. hrm.. not so much.
780lbs(dry) 260bhp.. 295Nm...
compared to
550lbs(wet) 172bhp.. 102flb...(don't know what that is Nm)

that's about 3lbs/hp for the munch and 3.2lbs/hp for the busa, course i'm using dry weight for them and wet for us.
that combined with the aerodynamics, i think we have 'em beat accellerationwise too
nice looking "concept bike", but i wouldn't trade my buzsa for it.... and 86,000 euro's whats that about $120,000 man for the additional 110,000 i'ld have left over from buying a busa i could create a better busa (if there is such a thing) and still have money for lunch.