Busa insurance costs


I live in SF bay area. Please post your insurance coverage, price, yrs. of experience & location, so that I can get an idea for my insurance when I buy one.
My buddy has this same topic going on a TLs website. I go through statefarm clean record, I'm 24, 5 yrs experience, I pay 829/yr.

However since you live in the most liberal f*ked up part of the country I don' think there's anyway that they're going to give you a good deal, unless you're over 25...I would bet on it.
I real fortunate....$474 a year. Im 33 live in Michigan, State Farm, I have a car and house thru them too. My R1 was $685, what a rip off...my drag car is only $325 a year and its way faster than the bike...dont tell my insurance :-).
i use state farm and insurance on my 2003 busa is 430.00 a year but i get a multicar discount and i am 43 yrs old with clean record.
$390 a year in NJ using State Farm BUT you must have an automobile policy and they are not taking any new business. I originally had an auto policy when I added my first bike ('98 Vulcan Classic) in '99. I have since moved my autos to another company and fought St. Farm to allow me to keep the bike on the policy. Two bikes later ('03 Busa) and 6 months of carring the policy with no bike I am not stressing the insurance premium on the fastest production ride made today. However, St. Farm is dropping a ton of policies monthly, I may be a victim in June at renewal even with a perfect driving record. If this happens, my premium will go to about $1,400 a year.