busa imports


hello all, Im new here, I have a question for anyone who has an answer:

Im stationed in Japan and I want to buy a busa that I will be able to bring back to the states with me. Every one ive seen has a white sticker on the right side of the frame that says something like "conforms to US engine something or other" I was wondering if this means it was manufactured in the US and able to be driven in the US? also, will i have to replace anything like the headlights or speedometer (km/h to mph) when imported to the states? any information will help

Why don't you PM FatJap...he should be able to answer those questions for you.

p.s. my home state is Texas, thats where ill be bringing the busa back to, if anyone knows about emissions laws or headlights or speedometers or just anything about Texas, id appreciate it
As far as registration goes, military are exempt from alot of things. One more thing that I didn't put in the PM.
Go to DOC SUDA's, he is located from yokota: go up 16 like your going to the Tomei. Or GrandBerry Mall(OutBack Steaks).
Before you get to the Tomei you'll see 246 go under then right on 246 towards Zama. Just as you merge, look on the other side of the street you'll see a two story bike shop. Thats Suda's. Go to the light, turn around and come back.

Tell Takahisa Suda, Kim Pilkay from Atsugi who is now in California sent you. He'll give you the best deal in Japan on a canadian spec bike. His number: 0427-96-4121
On the canadian the headlight is DOT it says it on the glass.
As far as the speedo, I bought a Yellow Box(100 bucks) to convert KPH to MPH and gauges(45 bucks) and they didn't check them at customs or the registration office. OH well!

post your DSN number and I'll try to call you.

FATJAP (AWC Kim Pilkay, HS-10)
hey! ignore that last PM, i sent it before i read these new threads, great, ive heard of doc sudas before, never been there though, got their number from a friend here at work and tried to call and basically had a one sided conversation because i dont know japanese, so that was the last of that... until now of course, the best deal in Japan ! Ill go for that

DSN 315 225 6064 (work)ask for airman stepp, i work odd schedules so if nobody answers at home call work and they'll take a message if im not there
315 227 8058 (home) i dont have an answering machine though

ive been looking for somebody who knows a little bit about this whole process, glad i found ya! thanks alot, look forward to hearing from you