Busa Hooligan Video

Man, I had a hell of a time keeping up with ya, next time you gotta let me lead just a little so I can be in the video some.

Was a good time though, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone... :D
good idea REV!   We'll do another run tonight and you can be in front and I'll chase you with my nose-cam 'Busa.
Ghost Rider ain't got NUTTIN on us!

Cache: looses alot in the net shrinkage, and I forgot and left the Auto Focus on which just wreaked havoc! Rev and I will go out and get a chaser video tonight after the drunks come out
DUH! I guess that makes sense. Boy, and to think I get paid to troubleshoot software...yikes.

I'm downloading all 3 games now. I've been wanting to buy Moto GP 2 for my Xbox, but I can't justify 50 bucks for a game...guess I'll try to find it used.

Thanks for the info and I'll let you know how it works out.

They need to make a Hayabusa based video game...not sure what the plot would be...maybe something like Need For Speed, in fact, if Electronic Arts did it, it might even be as close to doing it justice as you can get.
I like the Busa game idea! I DID find a busa clone in SPEED KINGS on Gamecube. It's called soemthing else but it LOOK like a busa. MotoGP 2 rocks but takes some skills to get it down... just like a real track. :) AND you can play online thru gamespy and get schooled!!! It's a blast. I'm happiest with free demos but my buddy ran out and bought the PC version for $20 new.

All good for those unridable rainy days!!